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At Shaw Development, LLC, is a global supplier of fluid management systems providing innovative solutions to OEM’s in support of both commercial and military heavy duty ground vehicle markets. Our goal is continuous and intelligent investment in research and development of our core competencies; developing processes, equipment and systems expertise; and establishing Shaw Development as a premier supplier and seamless extension of our customer’s development team.
Diesel Refueling Nozzles
Shaw Development Refueling Nozzles are field proven and uniquely designed to handle the toughest conditions. These units are fully interchangeable with existing equipment and are designed for use in the construction, mining, forestry and agricultural markets. They are built from rugged, lightweight aluminum and high strength steel in high wear areas. Flow rates are determined by many factors. By using nozzles with a higher shut-off rating, flow rates in excess of 212 GPM are possible.

Rapid Refueling Systems
Shaw Development’s Non-pressurized Refueling System is based on aerospace technology, allowing the fuel tanks to be filled at flow rates in excess of 212+ GPM* (800+ LPM) without pressurizing the fuel tank. This system can be used safely on metal, composite, or bladder tanks.

The system consists of three main components :
Key System Features
Diesel Receivers
Key Features

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Systems

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Shaw Development
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