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Centralised Lubrication Systems

Extension Coupling
Part No.
236035A Extension 50mm M 10 x 1 [M/F]
236036B Extension 25mm M 10 x 1 [M/F]

End Plug
Part No.
236098 Cap screw M10x1

Lubrication Filters
Part No.
2360260F Lubrication Filter M 20x1.5
2360261F Lubrication Filter M 20x1.5

On Line Lubrication Coupling
Part No.
236074 Single Line Coupling 50mm

Cable Ties
Part No.
236041A Plastic Hose Clamp 15 Inch
236041B Plastic Hose Clamp 12 Inch
236041C Plastic Hose Clamp 8 Inch

P Clamps
Part No.
236021 Hose Clamp 8 mm
236022 Hose Clamp 15 mm
236023 Hose Clamp 20 mm

Hose and Tubes
Part No.
236031 Grease Hose - 700 Bar (70-200 mt. loose abstract length) 8.4 mm
236032 Grease Hose-700 Bar, 50 mt. 8.4 mm
236033 Grease Hose-700 Bar, 100 mt. 8.4 mm
236034 Pre Filled Grease Hose-700 Bar (50 mt. NLGI-2) 8.4 mm
236033P Polyamide Tube 6 mm

Grease Nipples
Grease Nipples in all Dimensions & Sizes. Minimum batch qty. 200 pic. in each size.

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Centralised Lubrication Systems
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