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Centralised Lubrication Systems

Series GIGA / GIGA PLUS - Electric drive

GIGA PLUS (DC) 4 l reservoir without control
GIGA PLUS (DC) 8 l reservoir GIGA-tronic control
GIGA PLUS (DC) 16 l reservoir GIGA-multitronic control

Number Of Grease Discharge Point

Omitted 2 Points
3 Points 4 Points
Reservoir Capacity

2L Transparent Reservoir
4L Transparent Reservoir
8L Transparent Reservoir


D2 AC220V
D3 AC380V

Beka Lubrication

Barrel Pump For Higher Capacity

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Pump Equipments

product Product Name Description
236066 All-1 Pump Element Security valve, Check-valve and Flow Control 0.10mL/CY
236067 0.15mL/CY
236068 0.20mL/CY
Pressure Gauge

Product Description
236061 0 to 250 bar
236062 0 to 400 bar


Part No.
236020 6 way
236021 8 way
236022 10 way
236023 12 way
236024 14 way
236025 16 way
236026 18 way
236027 20 way
236028 22 way
236029 24 way

Dual Line Injector

Part No.
236061 1 Way Injector
236062 2 Way Injector
236063 3 Way Injector
236064 4 Way Injector
236065 5 Way injector

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Centralised Lubrication Systems
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